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The Voleon Group is committed to the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies in investment management. Our innovations in machine learning serve as the cornerstone for our success in applying rigorous data-driven techniques to financial markets.

What We Do

At Voleon, we approach investment management through the prism of machine learning, applying flexible statistical models to the problem of financial prediction. Rather than relying on human intuition to discern how the market works, machine learning employs statistical algorithms capable of detecting persistent effects across large swaths of data.

Work With Us

We look for the brightest minds in statistics, computer science, and business to develop their careers at Voleon. Our company offers immense growth opportunities for exceptional talent in a dynamic, fast-paced industry. If you thrive in a demanding environment and love tackling big challenges, we encourage you to explore our Careers page.

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Our People

Voleon employees are smart, driven, and curious. We hire top performers from university programs as well as talented professionals from academia and industry. While many of our employees are already leaders in their fields, they have a thirst for innovation and are driven to creatively solve complex problems. Teamwork is paramount at Voleon, and maintaining a collaborative and collegial culture is central to our company's philosophy.

The Place

Located near the University of California, Berkeley, our headquarters benefit from the intellectual and cultural surroundings of one of the top academic institutions in the world. In addition to beautiful weather year-round, Berkeley has thriving arts and food scenes. Our offices are easily accessible via public transportation, located near several bus lines and the Downtown Berkeley BART Station.

The Space

Voleon prides itself on cultivating a work environment that fosters creativity, teamwork, and open thinking. Our offices are built for collaboration, featuring beautiful natural light and spacious, open work areas. We offer fully stocked kitchens, catered lunches, and team and company events.

Our Approach

Co-founded in 2007 by two leading scientists, The Voleon Group applies an academic approach to research with an emphasis on scalability and risk management. Many of our leaders and employees hold doctorates in statistics, computer science, and mathematics, among other quantitative disciplines. We are committed to exemplary performance in all aspects of our research and operations, while maintaining a culture of intellectual curiosity and flexibility.

Our Leadership

Our Chief Executive Officer holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford and previously founded and led a successful technology startup. Our Chief Investment Officer/Head of Research holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from University of California, Berkeley, where he is a faculty member in the Statistics department.

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